2| Reconsidering ‘civil society’

2nd reading group session

Date: Monday July 29th | 18:30 | The British Institute at Ankara

Kugulu park forum

This session will focus on the notion of civil society, its multiple faces, voices and critical understandings


Core readings

Kuzmanovic, Daniella (2012) Refractions of Civil Society, Palgrave Macmillan (Chapters 1 + conclusion)

Dikici-Bilgin, Hasret (2009) ‘Civil society and state in Turkey: a Gramscian
 perspective’, in McNally, Mark, Schwarzmantel, John (eds.), Gramsci and Global Politics: Hegemony and resistance, pp.107-118

Navaro-Yashin, Yael (2002) ‘Faces of the State: Secularism and Public Life in Turkey’, Princeton University Press, chapter 4 (Rituals for the state: Public Statism and the Production of ‘Civil Society’)

Walton, Jeremy F. (2013) ‘Confessional pluralism and the civil society effect: Liberal mediations of Islam and secularism in contemporary Turkey’, American Ethnologist, 40(1), pp.182-200

Supplementary readings

Burak, B. (2011) ‘Turkish Political Culture and Civil Society: An Unsettling Coupling?’, Alternatives, 10(1), pp.59-71

Kadioğlu, Ayşe (2005) ‘Civil Society, Islam and Democracy in Turkey:
A Study of Three Islamic Non-Governmental Organizations’, Muslim World, 95, pp.23-41

Kalaycioğlu, Ersin (2002a) ‘Civil Society in Turkey’, in Beeley, B.W. (ed.), Turkish Transformation: New Century, New Challenges, Eothen Press, pp.59-78

Kalaycioğlu, Ersin (2002b) ‘State and Civil Society in Turkey: Democracy, Development and Protest’, in Sajoo, A. (ed.), Civil Society in the Muslim World, I.B. Tauris, pp.247- 272

Keyman, E. Fuat and Icduygu, Ahmet (2003) ‘Globalization, Civil Society and Citizenship in Turkey: Actors, Boundaries and Discourses’, Citizenship Studies, 7(2) , pp.219-234

Kubicek, Paul (2002) ‘The Earthquake, civil society and political change in Turkey’, Political Studies, 50(4), pp.761-778

Mardin, Şerif (1969) ‘Power, Civil Society and Culture in the Ottoman Empire’, Comparative Studies in Society and History, 11(3), pp.258-281

Rubin, A. (2012) ‘Religious actors in a democratic civil society: Turkey and Israel compared’, in Turam, B. (ed.), Secular State and Religious Society: Two forces in play in Turkey, Palgrave Macmillan, pp.167-193

Seckinelgin, Hakan (2004) ‘Contractions of a sociocultural reflex: civil society in Turkey’, in Glasius, Marlies; Lewis, David; Seckinelgin, Hakan (eds.), Exploring civil society: political and cultural contexts, Routledge, pp.153-158

Toros, Emre (2007) ‘Understanding the Role of Civil Society as an Agent for Democratic Consolidation: The Turkish Case’, Turkish Studies, 8(3), pp.395-415

Yerasimos, Stefanos., Seufert, Günther, Vorhoff, Karin (eds.) (2000) Civil Society in the Grip of Nationalism, Orient-Institut der Deutschen morgenlandischen gesellshaft & Inistitute Francais D’etudes anatoliennes

Yilmaz, Ihsan (2005)‘State, Law, Civil Society and Islam in Contemporary Turkey’, Muslim World, 95 – January, pp.385-411

Diez, Thomas, Apostolos Agnantopoulos, and Alper Kaliber (2005) ‘File: Turkey, Europeanization and Civil Society.’ South European Society & Politics 10, pp. 1-15

Güngen, Ali Riza, and Şafak Erten (2005) ‘Approaches of Serif Mardin and Metin Heper on State and Civil Society in Turkey.’ Journal of Historical Studies 3, pp.1-14


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